CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier

Vertical tasting
of all Cayas vintages

One morning in November, some 20 experts from throughout the world arrive for a vertical tasting of all the Cayas vintages. Arriving at 10.30 at the winery
in Vétroz, their taste buds prepared by a glass of white, the cosmopolitan tasting group moves on to serious matters.
In front of each participant stand 20 glasses corresponding to the 20 vintages of Cayas. This original approach allows them to come back at their leisure to this or that wine and make comparisons. 

The tasting, guided by Gilles Besse’s comments, lasts about 2 hours, starting with the 2014 vintage. We go back in time to 1995, no vintages excepted and in complete transparency.

CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier
CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier
CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier

“With this pure Syrah, the cellar proves that great Syrah wines can also be vinified on the Swiss banks of the Rhône. It is distinguished by notes of violet, chocolate, leather, pepper and blueberry concentrate and can be kept for a long time. The tannins are fine and perfectly integrated in the fruit. Cayas remains one of the best Syrahs in Switzerland since its birth.”

Chandra Kurt
Wine journalist
Vintage 2015

CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier

“Fragrances of Baccara roses, violets, fresh blackberries, cold ash, a juicy and invigorating wine that leaves you wanting more.”

José Vouillamoz
Vine geneticist
Vintage 2006

CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier

“Balanced and fleshy, with tannins always integrated into the overall structure, a gourmet and tasty finish.”

Paolo Basso
Best Sommelier of the World 2013
Vintage 1999

CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier
CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier
CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier
CAYAS – Syrah du Valais – Germanier

Stuart Pigott | GB
Wine Writer

Paula Bosch | DE
Star Sommelière & Wine Writer

Christina Fischer | DE
TV-Sommelière & Wine Publisher

Paolo Basso | CH
World Best Sommelier 2013

Chandra Kurt | CH
Wine Publisher and Wine Writer

Sue Style | GB
Wine Writer, Decanter

Philipp Schwander | CH
First Master of Wine of Switzerland

Ellen Wallace | US
Wine Writer, Ellen’s Wine World

Martin Kilchmann | CH
Wine Writer, Falstaff

Thomas Vaterlaus | CH
Wine Writer, Vinum

Pierre Thomas | CH
Wine Writer, Thomasvino

José Vouillamoz | CH
Wine geneticist

Alexandre Truffer | CH
Wine Writer, Vinum

Akemi Sugiyama | JP
Wine Importer

Susanne Scholl | CH
Weininformation Zürich

Andreas Keller | CH
Mémoire des Vins Suisses

Richard Riand | CH
Head œnologist, J-R Germanier

Delphine Riand-Dubuis | CH
Œnologist, J-R Germanier